You prefer a woman with a flat tummy and flat Brain to a woman of Substance,Hard worker,Bright future and with Big dreams in spite of a Hard dry Present. You don't want a currently Broke guy because you know too well you're an infinite Responsibility, a forever Aimless Dependant who can't take care of anyone … Continue reading EMPTY DESIRES



To communicate efficiently,one needs to Listen,digest and speak back verbally or non verbally. Don't be the kind of woman that talks instead of speaking ,the one who hears instead of Listening. Don't be the type of man that Looks without seeing anything.Don't dream Without working and waking up to reality. Be the man that values … Continue reading ATTITUDE


SHEEBAH ft RUNTOWN – weekend https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TFA63ZPpx0c Move your body so Move your body so Issa queen sheebah Runtown thing Nsazewo nekkolemu omukolo Ogokunga abakubi ba dance yona gyemuli Gwebalumba munyumba asimye mu ekituli Orwalero otalina akabina yewole Mufaco Mukindongo tulya cash awatali alemesa Nebizibu nabilese munyumba tonymya gasiya (tonyumba gasiya) Ngondelela beeli nginayene kele Njagala … Continue reading TO THE SPECIAL SOMEBODY


In the Life of a man,Opportunities come and go,they never come back...It's up to you to notice and grab that opportunity as fast as you can... Because nothing comes easy in a lifetime of a real man...not even a wife will come easy. Keep grinding FAM. Peace!


Be humble at all times,don't be too playful,Be good to everyone,do not fool yourself that you're still young for this or that responsibility,do not underestimate anyone, Respect everyone,Help Everyone even if you know their intentions over you,be pleasing in God's eyes and then Do not let the notion of "self Love" mislead you to such … Continue reading Norms


The things that you really want right now but can't find or have simply because of a few things you don't have , are the same things you should by all means try no to think about or have the day you will have Everything you don't have today. ~Seth Shimwense